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A solution for each area of the game -

The Batting Grid:

The batting grid has been developed to create good default movements i.e. fundamentally to try and create a solid base, so that the player will be better balanced.

If we can create this by default early in a batsman’s career they will be able to take their game to a higher level of efficiency and success as they mature and play at the highest levels of the game.

There are plenty of drills which can be conducted with this piece of equipment. To learn to lift the front leg quickly and yet play along correct lines, and the same with the back foot, we also use a heavy shoe (or you can use ankle weights) to improve speed and efficiency of the footwork. It also corrects the landing position of the front foot as the front foot box has been designed by default to get the foot slightly angled towards mid-off, which creates a better balanced base from which to play defensively or attack.

(photo of batting grid on the right is for left hand batsman and if flipped over it can be used for right hand batsman).

Recommendation: All CLC’s are recommended at all times to use this equipment to create good default balance amongst batsman and also strengthen ones legs and back by constantly drilling in the batting grid.