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Set of Cones:

All batting skills are now performed in an wide open area giving the feel of a match situation. We believe in taking away the concept of net practice and practice with a zero tolerance policy i.e. making practice identical to a match situation and hence we will never feel the difference.

In the photo there are a few things to observe, the first is the wide open areas within which practice is conducted. Then, we have orange poles as fielders positioned as per the fielding positions wanted by the bowlers.

In this particular picture a drill is being conducted where the batsman will be given out if the ball touches any of the cones on the side. The batsman has to control the ball within this area and is given out if the ball touches the cones.

Recommendation: All CLC’s are recommended at all times to constantly challenge the batsman while practicing and use a zero tolerance policy (i.e. out is out) in practice (at most times i.e. there might be very specific situations where the batsman is struggling and needs to spend time middling the ball for some time).