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Spring Back Stumps:

We are all aware to win matches in the future all teams will have to score runs at a certain rate to win matches. Recent Ashes is great example, where England put pressure back on the worlds greatest team not by taking wickets (as one always has to) but by scoring runs at a rate which put the pressure back on the Australian team. Hence, we need to build a default mechanism into our system, (as it is impossible to teach youngsters the meaning of scoring quickly), so they will learn to do so (i.e. score quickly) by default. There are no magical formulas, one has to play more balls to score more runs and the only way to create a system to do the same, is to by widening the stumps to nine or twelve, thereby making the individual play more balls in practice, which would automatically translate to the match. The box is to develop soft hands a skills needed by all quality batsman. Individuals will keep the ball in the box at all times whilst playing a forward or back-foot defense. Once we have taught the individuals to play more balls we must also try and show them ways of how not to get out to these wider deliveries, which then takes us into changing the dynamics of the downswing (so
as to avoid swinging against the line while playing early in the innings particularly.

Recommendation: All CLC’s are recommended at all times to use nine or twelve (wide) stumps during all net practice. Also, to use the box and insist on all defensive shots to stay within the box.