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The vision is to develop a sports and lifestyle brand , in specific sport and lifestyle consumer segments within specific global markets, representing affordability and value.

The brand will position itself against under and badly branded, local brands, as well as overpriced imported brands and will journey from sports products and services to a wider spectrum of the lifestyle segment.

The entire focus of the group is structured towards providing royalty, commission and bonus generation opportunities for local sports bodies and associations as well as the community of sports men and women who are unable to sustain themselves due to the lack of funds available in sport in poorer economies around the world.

The strategy of focusing on under branded segments, but with large economies of scale will see the brand first emerging on cricket related equipment and clothing in India, as a powerful and relatively low-cost "branding" exercise.

It will then transition to close and easily accessible markets of Bangladesh, Pakistan and Sri Lanka. The sheer size of these four target markets, along with the relatively low costs involved in getting the brand to the end consumer, will ensure stage one uptake of the brand. Branding on cricket equipment and clothing in one country (namely India) will bring brand visibility in these neighbouring countries.

Once is established in these four markets, in its chosen segment (cricket equipment and clothing), it will begin transcending into other segments - sports equipment. These will be namely other sports, fitness, lifestyle products, services and equipment, and specifically sports branded leisurewear for children and teenagers in particular.

The brand is positioned to capture the (mass) consumers, who aspire to buy foreign/imported brands but do not as yet have the purchasing power to afford the same, as these foreign brands are highly priced and are still only for the upper classes. Hence , is positioned, as a brand offering comparable quality, yet competitively priced verses imported brands.

The low cost marketing and recruiting structure arising from being established in a low cost environment (India) will be a key element in offering the consumer quality international standard products at competitive prices.

Another fundamental reason for the creation and launch of an international brand, managed and based in India is to counter the cost base of launching an international brand with a local developing market cost base, along with a growing trend amongst consumers to promote and buy local brands. In addition, the attraction of talented resources and eventually low cost manufacturing is in abundance.